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Information for presenters

Information for presenters - talks:

All speakers except the keynote lectures will have 10 minutes slots followed by a 5 minutes discussion. Please prepare your talk so that you stay within the 10 minutes time limit. You can use your institutional layout for your presentation. Please save your talk as a PDF and upload your talk until 23.5.2022 noon latest. The link for uploading will be provided as soon as possible.


Information for presenters - posters:

All posters will be presented in digital form at electronic steles at the Helmholtz AI conference 2022. This means you do not have to print your poster, you only have to upload your poster. Please upload your poster latest on 23.05.2022 noon.  The link for uploading will be provided as soon as possible.


The requirements for posters are:

Below you will find some hints to create an e-poster which will fit the required layout.


Please proceed as follows to get the right resolution/size:

 The final result should be a DIN A0 Poster (841mm x 1.189 mm) - portrait orientation


Specification for preparation of your e-poster

File type:     Acrobat PDF file
File protection:   Your PDF file needs to be editable
Please do not use a password protection
Poster dimensions:

DIN A0 (841 mm × 1.189 mm), portrait orientation
one side for one poster

Resolution:   2384 px × 3370 px at 72 dpi
File size:   1 MB – 5 MB (maximum file size is limit to 20 MB)

Depending on the source program you are using to create a pdf the below described steps might vary.


Example by using MS powerpoint: 

  1.     Go to the master layout of your MS powerpoint file
  2.     Go to size of slide - see screenshot
  3.     Go to user defined size and enter 84,1cm x 118,9 cm - see screenshot
  4.     Switch back from master to normal view
  5.     Create your poster
  6.     Export the poster to PDF
  7.     You will receive a result which fits the presuppositions automatically  (2.384px by 3.370px at 72 dpi)
  8.     Upload your poster